Bookbinders in the Wild: Susan’s textured books

A look at the textured books of Susan Taff who participated in my online course – ‘Upcycled Bookbinding: And sew it continues’.

It’s been great to get to know Susan, who is based in the US, this past few years via my online workshops. I love how she incorporates her own woven fabrics and printed papers into her books, they look so tactile, just wish I could leaf through them in person!

In Susan’s own words…

‘It took me a while to get started, but once I did I couldn’t stop until I had done all four!  So addictive. I used fabric scraps from weaving I had done on my SAORI loom for two covers and a soft leather and decorative paper for the others. Inserts were made with paper from a book of William Morris gift wrap and tissue I had rusted with tin cans. 

My bookshelf of hand made books is growing!  Of these four I’d say I most enjoyed the Coptic binding…once I understood the pattern it was very relaxing going back and forth. Thank you Cass for your amazing clear directions and unwavering encouragement!

> Fancy giving these book structures a go? Check out my ‘Upcycled Bookbinding: And sew it continues’ online course here. Scroll down to see more of Susan’s books…