Bookbinders in the Wild

I’m using this section of my website to showcase books made by the good folk who have taken part in my workshops…

I love seeing the books you make with me and hearing about your journey into bookbinding, and, ever the nosey-parker, am always intrigued to hear what you use your books for and why you like this particularly addictive artform.

So if you’re looking for some booky inspiration or want to hear, first-hand, what taking part in one of my workshops is like, and what it can lead to, read on…

  • Jana’s story – a really interesting insight into Jana’s mission to make a plastic-free edition of her nature photography book, and how this has led her to discover the joy of bookbinding!
  • Andrea’s story – a self confessed bookbinding addict, Andrea makes books, or ‘Wee Quairs’, for the couples she marries in her role as a Celebrant. A lovely way to celebrate a moment in time and create something that is as individual as the person it is being gifted to.
  • Paulette’s story – a great example of how bookbinding can be used to weave together different techniques, including ecoprinting

I hope to add to this overtime, so if you have done a workshop with me and would like to share your creations and your story, get in touch via