LTF: A brief history of letters

Here Julie takes you through a brief history of letters to help set the context for this course…

A personal history of written communication

Spend some time thinking about the role writing letters has played in your life. You may want to write down your reflections in a notebook or journal.

  • As a child, how did you communicate with those far away? Did you write by hand? Typewriter? Computer? With whom did you exchange letters? Do you still have any of them?
  • When did you first get an email address, and with whom did you exchange emails? What about text messages? Social media? 
  • What role do you want written communication to play in your future? Do you want to write more or less? To whom? How?

Writing warm-up: a letter to yourself

Take a few minutes to write a letter to your future self. Imagine yourself at a specific point in the future – one month from today, let’s say. What might that future self like to read? Some encouragement? Something funny? Write your letter to yourself, seal it, and label it ‘to open’ on a certain date. You could even give it to a trusted friend to post it to you on that date. 

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