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In researching letters for this course we came across some interesting projects, books and podcasts that we thought may be of interest. If you have anything to add, we’d love to hear! Also, scroll down to see a gallery of the fabulous envelope books people have made as part of this course, inspiration indeed!

ONLINE ITEMS OF INTEREST – a website which allows you to write emails to yourself to be delivered on certain dates in the future.

How to Write Letters: A 19th-Century Guide to the Lost Art of Epistolary Etiquette

Wartime Letters – transcribed letters between an RAMC doctor and his young wife

Letter Day Saint – This fascinating story from the podcast This American Life shows the unintended downside that well-intentioned letters to the future can have.

Show Me How You Care – a curatorial project by students in Glasgow which invites anyone to get involved by contributing letters.

Handwritten letters which made history – a list.

Penmanship for the 21st Century – a TED Talk by a man who cares a lot about handwriting.

Letter-themed podcast recommendations: Letters Live, Found, Ear Hustle, Meditative Story – one envelope at a time.


Check out our curated list of epistolary novels and books of letters at (and support independent bookshops if you make a purchase!)


Browse the gallery below which features photos of books made as part of this course – a great source of inspiration! We’d love to add your creation to this so please do email in photographs if you want to share.

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