Free ‘noticing journal’ – online workshop


Free bookbinding & journaling online workshop, created as part of Book Week Scotland

This free online workshop has been created by Bookbinder Cass Barron and Writer/Artist Julie Galante as part of Book Week Scotland 2023 – it includes video instructions on how to make a simple fold and stitch pocket note book, or ‘noticing journal’, followed by an introduction to mindful journaling, with prompts to help you explore how writing can be used as a tool for mindfulness and creativity.  

This workshop takes inspiration from this year’s Book Week Scotland theme of ‘Adventure’ by inviting you to go on a creative adventure with a needle, thread, paper and words to see where it takes you.

An in person version of this event will take place as part of Book Week Scotland in collaboration with The Heart of Newhaven – a an intergenerational community hub running from the former Victoria Primary School in Newhaven, Edinburgh.  This in-person workshop is now fully booked but the hope is that this online resource will enable more people, like you, to take some time out to get creative and play with words this Book Week!

Watch this intro from Cass and Julie for more info and an intro to what is covered in this online workshop…

What do I need to make my ‘noticing journal’?

  • An A4 sheet of thick paper for your book cover (around 120gsm thickness will work well)
  • 12 sheets of A5 copy paper for your inside pages
  • Thread – embroidery thread works well for this (you don’t need much, roughly 60cm to stitch and fasten your book)
  • A beeswax block or candle to wax your thread if you have this to hand but don’t worry if not, unwaxed thread will work fine
  • A needle, big enough to accommodate the embroidery thread – if you don’t have a bookbinding needle, a darning needle or sewing needle with a generous eye will work
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Clip – a bulldog clip or clothes peg to hold your book together when hole punching and stitching
  • A  bookbinding awl to punch holes in your book – if you don’t have an awl, a sturdy push pin is a good alternative (I demo this in the video tutorial)
  • A bone folder (optional)
  • A split pin to create a fastening for your book (optional)

How to access

Click ‘add to basket’, then ‘view basket’ and ‘proceed to checkout’ to enter your contact details and complete your free purchase. Once processed a weblink and password will appear which gives you full access to a series of pre-recorded video tutorials and written prompts that you can work through at your own pace.


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